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Beginning and Early Iterations of Design

Every design ideas kick starts from a creative concept which emerges with particular vision behind it, the same goes for Trackomo. Our main motive was to seamlessly integrate popular social media like Facebook and Twitter, while setting up a new trend in social media experience. We wanted the user experience to not only be simple, pleasant and convenient but visually grand. With this in our minds, we began with the design process.

Brainstorming & Thinking

When the concept of Trackomo , came to our minds, we wanted it to be unique yet instantly embraceable. A design that not only looks great but also delights the user with fantastic features .

We started with these designs goals:

  • Single Page Navigation
  • Quick access to every feature
  • Easy control on all social media

Apart from the above our main goal was to come out with a layout that gels naturally with diverse social media.

Drawing & Sketching

After chalking out the goals for Trackomo design, we fleshed out our thoughts on paper to get the feel of what it will look like. we literally flooded our work space with crumbled rejected sheets because it didn’t feel right at times. So, we did it again & jump started our prototyping process.

Prototyping & Early Iterations

With side by side sketching, we took to our ideas into digital space to get the initial feel of various color options & working of the layout designed.

The way it looked and felt, was really nice. It was a great start to initiate something big. I have shared some of the early iterations to move you through the design process.

Some Screens from Early Trackomo Design Iterations

All were damn excited at such a good start to a dream we had already started living. Though it took hell lot of iterations because it was important to get the workflows right according to the user perspectives. Thus, there were times when workflows did not go well and made us go back to our drawing boards again. In short, we over-expect from us to achieve perfect for you.

We had a great start but this is just the beginning. A lot more has gone into designing & is still going on, I will be back soon with more insights into trackomo’s design process.

By Abhimanyu Rana On 15 Feb, 2014 in Scribbles
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