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Crunches and Brunches Around Trackomo

“Great things never came from comfort zone” this is what we believe in. We are whole bunch of people passionate about social media who are ever ready to jump out of our comfort to bring in the new and push out the redundant through our initiatives.

Now, you know how our minds are engineered, let’s talk about TRACKOMO-Track-on-Move, the idea that changed our lives & hopefully it will change the lifestyle of people too. This is something which has been very close to our hearts. A lot of sweat tear and pain has gone into designing something big which we can proudly present to the world. Literally, it was damn fun.

The beginning

You could have seen people literally shouting on each other. Believe me; getting this done right was not easy. Banging ideas & sometime heads too… really helped us come up with right conclusions. Intense discussions were need of the hour because we felt we were creating something for ourselves.

Strrreched discussions

We used to spend 4-5 hours continuously ideating on its features. But they were quite fun, you could have seen team intensely putting their points on the desk, pulling each other’s legs, fooling around, losing their minds, laughing, screaming, and what not, that was really mad but worth the results we got.

Brainy brunches

The best part was the time when we had sumptuous late night brunches while tackling the crunches of trackomo. This time allowed our teams to connect more strongly with each other on both personal & professional level. The heightened level of understanding among us acted as a fuel to our team engine. Food eating and brain eating while ideating made it all happened.

Trackomo team is like a dysfunctional family bonded with a common string of love for social media which helped us turn our vision into reality. Still, there is lot to do and this is just the beginning of our journey.

I am really looking forward to share more of our stories, fights, memorable moments, frustrations and our accomplishments for you.

By Rupali Chandna On 15 Feb, 2014 in Scribbles
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