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How Trackomo Came Into the Picture

I have read somewhere that when you have some problem with something go out there and have that guts to change it and make the difference. Being truly passionate about social media, we believe the same, that the gap which is there in the market needs to be fill. That what makes us to come up with Trackomo.

I remember we had hours and hours of chit chats when we literally felt frustrated from the social media. We all felt there are so many gaps in social media which should not be there. Below are the things which we really think should be there.

Getting single identity: This is the coolest feature I personally feel where you can browse through all the social media in almost half the time. What we really feel is that the identity on social media is too scattered. We literally have to go to Facebook, then to twitter and then to Linkedin too if we want to know about someone’s status. Logging into & checking out each account led us to come up with the concept of trackomo which would definitely make social media management more convenient and easy.

Getting an awesome user experience: The second main thing which is missing on social media is the user experience. The user experience on social media is pathetic. Many of the essentials are so cluttered. So, we strongly felt that there should be something which is clutter free & simple to use. In the internal beta, when we got to use Trackomo, my experience was mind-blowing. All the things are so nicely placed that gave me the best user experience ever.

Getting grandness for everyone: We have to agree that we all want to showcase ourselves in a gorgeous and a grand way to the world. And that ‘s what is missing in the present social media platforms. We had intense discussions on this that how can we socially present ourselves in the best possible manner. So, we came up with Social Canvas where grandness rules and you can portray your personality in the most brilliant fashion.

Feeling topsy turvy while using social media, pushed us to the path of making Trackomo. Our belief in the concept got stronger and stronger as we went ahead with the discussions, ideations and conclusions, so here we are with invite-only beta of our very own Trackomo. This not only solved our problems but is surely going to make social media experience a better one for the world too. More exciting stuff is lined up to be revealed. I will be back soon with lot more. Till then don''t forget to apply for beta http://bit.ly/1foBzRu

By Pallavi Bali On 15 Feb, 2014 in Scribbles
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