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Social Media Trend Will Fall

Yes, social media as we know is going to fall. I know almost all you social media experts and social media lovers out there will want to kill me for making this statement. They will very rightly state that social media trend has been on the rise, diversifying in numbers, influence and value. I agree that social media is not just a new industry but also a sizzling hot trend, but the funny thing about trends is that they change.

Before I get into what is going to change, let’s have a closer look at today’s scenario. In recent years, we have seen a surge of tons of social media portals, but only a handful of them have been successful. Why is that? Well, after getting some experience with established media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, I have been tinkering around with fairly new media like Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine. After the exercise, I can tell you that my innermost voice screams “enough”, I just cannot put up with any other social media, not even if marketing demands it.

So, where do we go from here, is the grand social era coming to an end. Frankly, I don’t see that the endless spree of one social media after the other will continue, not till the time we as people find more time for our digital lifestyles, which I doubt will be possible at all. Now, for all those social media lovers and hot heads ready to kill me, I am certainly not implying that usage of popular social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter will go down nor will its relevance. Then what will change? Well a lot of things, but most evident changes would be that social media would:

1) Start playing together: You just can’t force a Twitter lover to one fine day drop Twitter and start using Facebook. So, the first aspect that will change is that they will have to learn to play well with each other. Social media giants are aware of this and efforts have been made, twitter allows you to link your Facebook account and Pinterest allows you to tweet your pins, the problem is that these efforts just do not add up to make any real difference. So, to drive further demand they will ultimately have to accommodate consumer platforms like Trackomo that makes switching between social media seamless and simultaneously posting on them feel natural.

Become more visual: Second big aspect is that they will have to evolve into a more visual medium, twitter slowly introduced photos and recently acquired vine. Google+ has been making efforts to be more visual as compared to others and its steady growth plus the success of Pinterest, Instagram and now Snapchat suggests that we as humans are in fact visually more attuned. Recent research clearly shows that visuals drive more engagement than content, which is the reason why we wanted Trackomo to be a visual canvas that not only feels grand but also mirrors ones personality.

I truly believe that now is the time when the trend of creating social platform to connect will take a radical shift to the trend where our human curiosity figures out how various social mediums, content, platforms and process can finally work together without creating a chaotic mess, and Trackomo is our massive effort towards this soon to start trend.

By Kanwar Rai On 15 Feb, 2014 in Scribbles
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