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A hassle-free way to stay up to date with what's happening on your social media, irrespective of where you are holidaying.
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Whatever you do and wherever you are, you tweet, you share and you follow…for this you have to go to each social media, every time you want to post any update about the recent activity in your life. That can be really cumbersome. Now, what if we get a unique digital identity which will not only manage all our social media but also gives us a platform to showcase ourselves in a super-sexy way? The features I am going to tell you would make your social media experience way better than it is now:

Your style statement

Your personality is what you make it(#wymi). You can be fun, cool, intelligent, romantic, hot, adventurous or charming personality. Trackomo is a social hub that is designed to provide you a social canvas for showcasing your digital identity in a magnificent and awe-inspiring way. It is up to you how creatively you define your style statement with the help of your social canvas.

Releasing the crunch of managing

Posting, sharing and tracking activities on different social media is hard row to hoe and especially when you have a scattered digital presence. Now, this feature of Trackomo is something that would cater to all your social media needs like posting on all networks , scheduling posts, sharing, tracking people while giving you the most pleasant & fun experience.

Know what is making you popular

Have you ever come to know which of your post was liked or shared the most over the other? Trackomo comes with a Trackboard which would give you candid analytics and intelligently placed points with your shared stuff to let you know what works the best for your social media presence.

Explore your point of interests

When it comes to latest updates you really want to be the first one to know about it. In your Trackboard you get to know all the trending topics about your favorite and most influential brands, movies celebrities and much more.

Connect with people in a new way

We all are social animals and we want to connect with people of our interest in some or the other way. Connecting with people will be more fun and exciting now. You would just have to track them to start building new connections. It would be the coolest way to extend your social circle you would have ever seen before.

That was just a brief introduction to the features which would be coming in Trackomo. I would be discussing each feature elaborately in my coming blog posts. Keep checking this space to know what more there is in store for you.

By Manisha Sharma On 15 Feb, 2014 in Spotlight
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